New book available

Hi there, check out my new book.
The writer is Pierre Paquet, my publisher himself!

3 commentaires:

  1. Me encantó ,Tony! Y aunque voy traduciendo de poquito en poquito, me super encanta tu libro. Tony, habra planes de sacara a futuro este de Zombi que vas subiendo? Esta genial verlo on line pero soy mega fan de tenerlo el lobro en mis manos y hasta poder oler el papel y la tinta. :)

  2. Hi Tony ! Thank you for the link and the comment on my blog. I add it to my former list. Very interesting blog. Your art of drawing and painting is really magnificent. Unique.
    It was nice meeting you too and having conversation with you. Nice moment spend and shared. Hope we'll meet again in Amiens.

  3. Man you crank out one book after another Tony !
    Get a life :)